Commercial window tinting

A Top Performer On Glass


Solar Film Stars


Increase personal comfort while saving on energy costs!

Large expanses of glass in our homes and workplaces create energy sapping heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra violet rays, and a lock of privacy. The answer is Solartint Films' range of premium solar films created specifically for our comfort and protection.

These incredible performers block just about everything except your view, preventing up to 79% of heat entering your home or workplace through the glass, cutting glare -but not light - by up to 92%, and stopping a remarkable 98% or more of UV rays.



The result.


  • A cooler, more comfortable home, shop or office 
  • A safer environment due to the greater reduction in dangerous UV rays 
  • Improved daytime privacy 
  • Greater insulation and air conditioning efficiency, giving significantly reduced energy costs 
  • Minimisation of inside temperature . imbalances 
  • Preservation of irreplaceable paintings and photographs which could otherwise be damaged by UV rays and heat 
  • Protection of carpets, curtains and furniture against fading 
  • Contemporary, uniform exterior appearance - the film odds a long lasting attractive sheen to your windows, and also help disguise any clutter behind them