About Solartint

The name behind the world's best films


Solartint Films are developed and produced by the world's largest manufacturer of window films. CPFilms is the only film manufacturer that has developed all the necessary technology to produce premium quality films completely in-house, from initial research, development, formulation and quality control, to finished product.

Whether for your home, workplace or vehicle, Solartint Safety and Security Films are manufactured to comply with Australian & New Zealand Standard 2008 where required. They have also been tested and awarded the highest level of UV ray protection by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, your assurance you are buying the finest window films available anywhere.

In the unlikely event that you're dissatisfied with our product, your warranty will be in Solartint Films' name, not the installer's, so we'll honour it Australasia-wide.

Only accredited Solartint Films' installers have access to our exclusive films, and they are required to follow precise installation procedures and keep abreast of the latest film application techniques to ensure your premium quality film is fitted by only the best people.