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The World is becoming environmentally aware. Already homes are being given energy efficient ratings. These work in a similar way to the ratings you find on your fridge, clothes dryer and other white good appliances.

With the introduction of the Home Energy Rating building code, windows along with insulation, skylights and a range of other building products will now be required to be audited and given a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

Across Australia and New Zealand there will be a minimum star rating depending on the climatic conditions of a particular region. As the Australian and New Zealand building codes are adopted, there will be a need for all new residential dwellings - including extensions, to comply with the building code.

Your windows are a huge source of energy waste and that's where Solartint Films "Energy Star" range of solar films can help.

Save money and the environment.


The NSW Government's Sustainable Energy Development Authority found that a home taken from a 1.5 star rating to a 3.5 could save 50% on heating and cooling costs. A change from 3.5 to 5 saves 80%.

Apply Solartint "Energy Star" WERS rated Solar films to any home and you could reduce energy expenditure by up to 50%. When you use 4 or 5 stars rated film you can also reduce your air conditioning usage by up to 75%.