Stars in Safety & Security

Minimise the risk of injury, theft and damage

Glass windows, doors, atriums and partitions are vulnerable to breakage, either accidentally or deliberately.

Many of us have walked into glass 'that wasn't there', and flying objects and violent weather can cause unfortunate breakages. Through the resulting splinters of flying glass, such accidents can pose serious danger.



Safety Film

Magnum Safety Film can be bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. If the glass is broken, this resilient combination of adhesive and film will hold the broken pieces together, decreasing the risk of injury.



Security Film

Unprotected glass is also an open invitation to burglars and vandals. Speed and stealth are vital to these criminals, so when confronted with a window fitted with Magnum Security Film, they ore less likely to persevere.

Even if the glass should break under attack by a determined burglar, Magnum Security Film will hold the broken glass in place and resist unwelcome entry or damage.

Magnum Security Film also provides extra protection with added heat and glare reduction benefits, and the ability to stop a remarkable 98% of UV rays.