3M Prestige Window Film

3M has been a world leader in window films for over 40 years, having received the first patent for window films in 1966. For decades 3M has remained the world leader in the development of new adhesives and films.


Today, there are millions of square metres of 3M Window Films installed all around the world. And now, once again, 3M shows why with 3M Prestige Window Films.


3M Prestige Window Films are a series of new-to-the-world films which provide all the benefits of window films, while appearing clear*.
*3M Prestige 70 and 3M Prestige 60

There are two types of 3M Prestige Window Films available:


1) 3M Prestige Sun Control Films - available in two clear versions and two modestly tinted versions, to ensure you can select the particular film that meets your requirements.

2) 3M Prestige Safety & Security Films - provide all the benefits of 3M Prestige Sun
Control Films as well as added safety and security for protection against crime, extreme weather, bomb blasts and those unforeseen accidents.

all the benefits
while appearing clear