The difference between 3M Prestige and
other window films in the market?

Optically clear, technically superior

Until recently most window films that rejected heat were tinted dark, used metals or were highly reflective. Over the years various companies have tried to create a clear window film with mixed results. Now 3M Prestige is the first clear non-metal based film that provides you with a clear view and superior performance to match.


New standard of performance that metallic films can't match

3M Prestige Window Film is a non-metal based film - the first window film of this kind available on the market. The absence of metal in the 3M Prestige range prevents corrosion on the film -ideal for New Zealand conditions given the number of commercial buildings in close proximity to the coastline. The absence of metal also means that cell phone signals are not affected.



Reflectivity that's actually lower than glass

Unlike other window films, 3M Prestige Window Films have substantially reduced reflectivity. Two of the styles have less interior reflectivity than glass. The other two styles have reflectivity that is just 1 % greater than glass....your windows will only reflect your commitment to ensuring they look beautiful.

*3M Prestige 70 and 3M Prestige 60